Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making Magic This Christmas

We were recently invited by fellow entrepreneur Suzanne Bertani of Green Planet Parties and Mommy Footprint to band together with 12 BC companies to contribute 10% of proceeds from December 5-11 to the Making Magic Fund.

This is made possible by a collaboration with The Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund's Adopt-A-School program. This project identifies schools and their specific needs throughout Metro Vancouver. The site tells you the individual needs within each school so everyone can  identify something to donate (sports equipment, winter coats in particular sizes, mitten, socks, etc.) The most needed item identified by all the schools of course is money so they can assess and fix their most outstanding needs. The amazing thing about donating the money via Adopt-a-School is they will match all donations so the money is being doubled, hence why we are all donating 10% of our  online sales.

So from December 5-11th if you shop at these stores online – proceeds will be donated to help schools, which help children, helps families and helps our future.

Let the giving begin!

Here is the list of Stores participating:

Apricot Culotte:  an e-boutique specialized in previously loved baby clothes that we bring in from France. We also carry end of season brand new designer baby clothes including some very nice French organic brands.

Bamboobino: is an adorable line of children’s clothes and accessories made from soft, eco-friendly bamboo.

Bumblebee Toys: offers a unique collection of natural toys, crafts and playthings to inspire the imagination and nourish the senses.

dandelion KIDS: modern kids shop that stocks hip baby clothes, stylish duds for boys and girls plus cool, unique gifts for the next baby shower or kids birthday party.

Fill Your Own: offers an array of carbon-neutral, non-toxic and reusable products ideal for both kids and adults.

Giving Gifts – fair trade, eco friendly and fun gifts for babies, kids, adults and pets.

Green Planet Parties: where it’s possible to shop for eco-friendly party supplies in one place! Supporting locally manufactured decorations & goodies!

Kippo Kids: proud to offer you a quality mix of products that include a good selection of eco-friendly, handmade, organic, and Made in Canada items.

Maxwell Designs: leading Canadian designer of beautiful purses, the best diaper bags in Canada, and many accessories.

My Little Green Shop: is a hip e-boutique that provides a wide range of safe, non-toxic products for babies, children and mamas. We are careful that the products we carry meet our standards of what’s safe and eco-friendly.

Onyx Containers: food storage containers that are of the highest quality, manufactured in responsible conditions and available at affordable prices.

Puddlegear: toddler and baby raingear- children can play outside feeling warm, unrestricted and dry in their PVC and Phthalate free rainwear – certified by oko – tex.

Today I Ate A Rainbow: passionate about creating tools to help parents and caregivers raise healthy kids!


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mother's Day Bamboo Bouquet

Mother's Day is approaching fast!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a new or expecting mum, we've transformed a selection of our bamboo goodies into a beautiful and practical floral bouquet!

Look carefully, and you'll see that some of the budding roses are actually:

- A pair of nursing pads
- A pair of newborn socks
- One nb-6m beanie hat
- Five baby washcloths
- A pair of no-scratch mittens

We're offering this for Mother's Day for now, and taking orders by phone only, so hurry as we have a limited quantity! Available in pink, blue or gender-neutral theme (shown above).

Price: $55. Two-day shipping, and local pickup for Vancouver residents is available.

To order, call 604-551-3882.

Hope you have wonderful Mother's Day!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Earth FriDay

Make every day Earth Day. Be power smart. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy local. Walk, bike, & transit for climate change.

And many more environmental cliches. There are times when I think, has the message gotten through? Or have we just become desensitized because we've heard the message over and over again and because we aren't directly experiencing the impact of our actions... yet? After all, we aren't polar bears swimming toward our last 2-foot squared ice cap. I haven't breathed with more difficulty, or been overcrowded by garbage, felt warmer, or felt significantly healthier than, say 20 years ago when I was less enlightened by environmental issues.

Do you remember when you were growing up, how your parents used to warn you about not touching the stove or you'll get burned? Then one day, you finally learned by experiencing the stinging, blistering pain of a burn.

In many ways, warnings about climate change can be just as meaningful to us to a child who's been warned incessantly about fire but never experienced a burn. Although we are pretty green out here on the west coast, there are few who have traveled to witness the destruction rapidly devastating our Earth; most of us know what's going on but are tremendously removed from it.

I wonder, when will most of us experience the first eco-burn? And if and when we finally do, will it be too late? If we are fortunate (or unfortunate) to witness first hand devastation, and even if we don't, how can we influence those who are complacently far removed? How can we teach our children? How can we make a difference?

I believe we're going in the right direction; I just fear that cliches and the same green messages have become tired and meaningless. Or worse, hopeless rhetoric. But I am hopeful, because although being green is a conscious effort for our generation, I believe, thanks to dedicated teachers, parents and role models, green habits will become second nature to our kids. I guess we do still need to be reminded, and to try our best to set an example. Even if we'll never fully understand or experience the impact personally right now, I'll say it again anyway.

Make every day Earth Day. Be power smart. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy local. Walk, bike, & transit for climate change.



Photo: Courtesy of Scraps Vancouver

Monday, February 28, 2011

Beginning Again

It's already the end of February. How is your commitment to your new year's resolutions? I don't really make resolutions any more, but I do love that feeling of starting fresh at the beginning of the new year.

The daytimer and notebook I was looking forward to using since September is broken in. I started off with an ambitious to-do list at the beginning of the year, and I am both congratulating and admonishing myself for completing most of my list.

A couple of setbacks threatened to make me want to call this year a "bad start" : My credit card was defrauded. And my Christmas gift to a dear one for use in the new year was ruined by exceedingly substandard customer service.

As an optimist in general, I will still feel the freshness of the new year on March 1. And April 22, Earth Day, represents my 'green' new year. The start of the school year in the Fall brings another beginning, especially for the kids. Next thing you know, it's the calendar new year again.

Speaking of which - you may have noticed this blog has a new look, thanks to a special social media gal!

Wishing you renewal throughout the year,